Shakti Rising Online Course

SHAKTI RISING ONLINE COURSEWoman's Movement & Empowerment This is an invitation to all sisters around the globe who feel the call to connect deeper to their body, femininity & the elements through a guides journey with yoga & dance videos. During six weeks you will receive always on a Sunday a package of a 10' guided mediation, a 45' yoga sequence & a 45' dance sequence activating a specific element as earth, water, fire, air & ether within you. Start the new year full of inSPIRITion & power. The vision: "I believe that you are whole and hold all wisdom within. ​ Through movement I will guide you into your body, heart & soul wisdom. I understand myself as a gate opener & guide to claiming back your full power. Learning how to listen to the body, heart & soul language again; trusting your feelings & intuition through daily movement & empowerment practices." Nature - mother earth - Gaia is my direct teacher. We all came here to support her evolution & shift. As we are all her children, she becomes our ultimate mother - teaching us unconditional love & presence. From my deep love to nature I have studied "Elemental Yoga & Yoga Therapy" to understand how we as humans can understand our energy flow better in connection to the elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & ETHER within us. This wisdom is based on Chinese medicine which teaches us about the meridians (energy pathways in the body) and their connecting organs. We hold all elements within; we are them & they are us. Through moving accordingly and enhancing a specific element through intention, prayer, yoga & dance practice; you will be able to receive the insight, messages & healing directly from the spirit of each element. For WHO is this course? All women of all ages are WELCOME! Are you interested in understanding & feeling your Divine Feminine aspects within & emboying them stronger? Are you longing to feel a deeper connection to nature within and without? Are you interested how you can use Yoga & Dance in a daily practice to enhance your energy? Are you ready to claim your power & rise!? What’s included in the course? • 5 meditations in connection to each element - 8min. • 5 elemental shakti yoga classes (one per element) - 45min. Recorded video for your home practice (life- long access) • 5 dance classes (one per element) - 45min. Recorded video for your home practice (life-long access) • 5 music playlists on Spotify (45min.) for each element for your movement practice at home or in nature. • Information sheet for each element to deepen the knowledge & benefits the practice brings. • Access to a private facebook-group for sharing & asking questions. Dates in 2019 / 20 are for our LIVE ZOOM: - Sunday 24th of November 2019; FREE WEBINAR - Sharing of mySELF & my work - Q & A after (here LIVE on facebook) - Sunday 19th of January; OPENING CEREMONY & Introduction Element Earth (inkl.Q & A) - Sunday 26th of January; Introduction Element Water (inkl.Q & A) - Sunday 2nd of February; Introduction Element Fire (inkl.Q & A) - Sunday 9th of February; Introduction Element Air (inkl.Q & A) - Sunday 16th of February; Introduction Element Ether/Spirit (inkl.Q & A) - Sunday 23rd of February; Closing Ceremony - Reflection (inkl.Q & A) There will be a facebook-group we can share our journey together. Early Bird Price:Until the 18th of January: 222 Euro Normal Price: 260 Euro (for entire course) One single lesson for one element only for Euro 65! (valued at Euro 80) !For Woman participating in the two-week SHAKTI RISING FACILITATOR TRAINING in March 2020 in Bali this online-course is for FREE! Send an email to to purchase!