VANESSA was guided to connect deeper to what it means to be a woman when she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a woman's disease that is strongly connected to the womb and the menstrual cycle. She took this shocking yet necessary event as an invitation to reevaluate not only her life style but also her own relationship with her body and her femininity. In the last five years her strong longing for mystic knowledge and ways to heal and empower herself Vanessa set out on a journey that led her to Central America, Southeast Asia and India where she spent many months exploring and studying different practices like yoga, meditation, sound healing, ceremonial work, different healing modalities, dance, tantra and women's work. Now Vanessa is based in Zurich and works as a massage therapist and holds monthly Sound Meditations, Sound Yoga, Cacao Ceremonies and Moon Sister Circles. Connected to her own healing journey she feels that there is so much power waiting for the collective feminine and every single woman through self-love and liberation of who we truly are.