“Dance is the most natural way to move the body and express what I am feeling within. It’s freeing, empowering & healing all at the same time. Let your body speak to you & allow your life to become a sacred dance in full joy & presence.”


Roots Ragga

Roots Ragga

In this dance class you will connect deeply with your ROOTS – the earth – your root chakra & connect with the joy of being here on this planet & celebrating life.

My own roots are from Jamaica from my mother’s side & Ragga / Dancehall is a dance style which was birthed there. There are many different foot steps to learn & many movements come from the pelvis & hips.

Ragga / Dancehall has its origin in African Dance & is influenced by HipHop. I like to cultivate a very fun and feminine Ragga style which is all about coming into your power & joy.

There will be sequences where you will be guided and learn simple steps & other sequences you will be given space to explore your free movement & flow.


Earth &

Tribal Earth Dance

Earth Dance / Tribal Earth Dance

Through guided breath & movement practices you will explore your SELF in CONNECTION to the EARTH - receive deep GROUNDING into the HERE & NOW. 

Together we open the ecstatic pathways in our body & being - to FEEL the nurturing LOVE of Gaia - our mother. Allowing Kundalini Shakti to flow through us.

In this Workshop you will learn specific dance movements and also have space to follow your body’s wisdom, move freely & connect to others.

As we connect to earth we remember that we are ONE EARTH TRIBE.

Kundalini dance

& Chakra dance


Kundalini Dance (Ecstatic Chakra Dance)

A seven week journey through the chakras.

​In these intuitive dance journeys you will reconnect closer to your body and essence of your being. Moving freely on the dance floor and also learning simple breath & movement keys to activate different chakras (energetic centres of our body).

It’s an extraordinary alchemical dance by which we will move energy through our bodies – with the intention to awaken Kundalini Shakti (Life Force Energy). An awakened Kundalini Shakti brings us pure bliss and strong vital life force energy. Each class is devoted to a different chakra and it’s topics. Kundalini Dance is highly transformational.

Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. The requirement for anyone who is engaging in the practice is to have a deep desire for spiritual connection and personal transformation. If that soul longing for freedom is present, the keys that will be shared with you through this practice will have life changing results. 

The founder of Kundalini Dance is Leyolah Antara; who is sharing her wisdom worldwide.

Find here the topics for each chakra dance:

  • Root Chakra – topics: relationships, our home, sense of belonging 

  • Sacral Chakra – topics: activating sacred sexuality codes within, our vital life force, wellspring of creativity

  •  Solar Plexus– topic: our inner fire and personal power. Embracing our warrior and our wild woman. 

  • Heart Chakra – topics: love, giving and receiving. Opening and connecting our hearts.

  • Throat Chakra – topics: expanding and sharing our unique expression, conscious communication, embracing the truth of who we are.

  • Third Eye Chakra – topics: vision, receiving guidance, consciousness

  • Crown Chakra – topics: bliss, union, communion, co-creation, manifestation

Roots ragga rhythm

with dion



In this grounding and uplifting movement workshop you will connect deeply with your ROOTS – the earth element – your root chakra, as we rise together.


RHYTHM - With Dions live drumming and electronic DJ set you will be guided to drop into your own internal rhythm centre. Moving to world beats from slow and meditative, to wild and ecstatic, we’ll be connecting to rhythm with our breath and re-discovering how we can create free flowing organic movement, dance and percussion from the inside-out.


RAGGA - Jelena will be inspiring you into fun and free expression beginning with some movements of her Jamaican roots. Birthed in the Dancehalls booming with Up-Tempo Reggae music this dance with African and Hip-Hop influence will challenge you to move your hips! Activating your vital energy source as we connect and rise up together as one tribe.


With the synergy and connection of drumming & dance we will uplift as a community and Rize Up!



Urban Contemporary


Urban Contemporary

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

In this class you will learn to connect urban dance styles as hip-hop, house and ragga with contemporary dance.    

It’s so much fun to explore new ways to move your body.


Children’s Dance

Children’s Dance

Whilst dance is a good source of fun exercise for young children, it is also a creative outlet. Through dance, children develop a greater range of movement whilst developing the ability to work within different spaces. They learn to interpret the effect their movement has on the world around them.

Private Dance Class


Private Dance Classes

Private dance classes are designed for a more intimate dance experience for you. I teach all levels in different dance styles or can support you to become more confident in simply moving your body freely. Whatever your goal & focus is for dancing, I am happy to help you achieve it. Private lessons give me a chance to fully be present for you and your needs.

Yoga & Dance Fusion


Yoga & Dance Fusion

In this Workshop you will experience a beautiful fusion of yoga asanas merging into dance movements. Moving on and off the mat to the sounds of inspiring electronic music.


I am excited to take you on a beautiful movement flow, which will give you inspiration

& joy of pure beingness.