Journey of

Healing & Transformation

“Everything you seek is inside of you.”


I often get asked if I offer private sessions for people who attend my yoga & dance classes or retreats. And yes I truly love to hold space for your very personal journey. 


Once you open the energy pathways of your body to feel deeper, it can be very overwhelming in the first moment to deal with the “new you”. Or old wounds come up, which you might never had time to heal.

This is a safe container to feel, heal & transform what no longer serves you & support you in your process.

I am very familiar with different healing modalities coming from shamanism, inner child work & empowerment coaching. My sensitivity, intuition & psychic power are in service for the highest evolution of your soul & being.


Please feel free to get in touch with me and book a session.


  • In person meeting: Euro 120/hour

  • Online session: Euro 100/hour